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Mary Zimmerman, Owner

“I Have Well-Developed Skills That Greatly Benefit Our Clients.”

Mary joined Senior Living Alternatives in 2012 as a Senior Care Coordinator.

Prior to that time, she worked for several years as a Community Liaison with the highly-regarded Visiting Nurse Association® in Palm Desert. This experience proved to be invaluable to Mary’s clients as she developed a thorough knowledge of the senior healthcare field.

She found it challenging and invigorating to help seniors and their families navigate through our complex healthcare system and guide them to appropriate decisions about home health, palliative, and hospice care.

Another reason Mary was able to provide top-notch healthcare decisions for seniors was because of her highly-developed skills in effectively collaborating with doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living communities, veterans affairs offices, and many other resources dedicated to helping seniors.

So when the opportunity to join Senior Living Alternatives presented itself in 2012, Mary decided that her passion in life was going to focus on helping seniors find a secure and comfortable place to live when they cannot live alone anymore and need to change their housing.

Later on, in 2017, the original founder of Senior Living Alternatives decided to pursue another career path, and Mary became the owner of the company.

“Families Know They Can Trust Me Because I Am Honest And Genuine.”

Mary’s compassion for seniors and understanding their housing needs also grew from the fact she was a caregiver for her own mother during the last six years of her mother’s life. Together they went through the daunting experience of trying to find care and resources for her mother.

When the time came for Mary to move her mother out of her home and into an Assisted Living facility, it was an extremely emotional experience. Fortunately, Mary relied on her professional expertise and that was a great help in choosing the right facility for her Mom.

Unfortunately, most people in the same situation do not have Mary’s expertise and consequently have a very difficult time finding a satisfactory housing situation.

So to make sure her clients can find appropriate housing, Mary carefully assesses all their physical and emotional needs, concerns and preferences. Once she does that, she recommends facilities that will provide the appropriate levels of care, whether it is for Independent Living, Assisted Senior Housing, Memory Care or In-Home Care.

Mary considers that she has found her ultimate “calling” in helping seniors and their families make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

Her professional experience also includes working as an Admission Counselor at The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, as a Riverside County Liaison to the California State Childcare Program, and as a clinical Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist in Riverside County.

Mary attended California State University, San Bernardino where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Development.

Heather Profile Photo

Heather Ryan, Senior Care Coordinator

“Families Know They Can Trust Me Because My Number One Priority When Working With Seniors Is Matching Their Needs With A Place That Can Meet Those Needs”

Heather considers herself blessed to be able to help seniors and their families as they make one of the most important decisions of their lives…finding a new home for a loved one who needs some form of assisted living support.

Her initial encounter with helping seniors came when her maternal grandmother was stricken with jaw cancer and required hospitalization. After her discharge, Heather’s grandmother needed a place to stay for rehab.

Heather helped find a small, licensed care home where her grandmother could make a recovery. At that time, Heather decided to make a major commitment to help out, which included completing a course in skilled nursing and rehab discharge training.

Along with support provided in the care home, Heather devoted a lot of time to her grandmother and provided medical support procedures as well as physical therapy rehab. Over time, Heather’s efforts allowed her grandmother to make enough of a recovery to be discharged back home and into her family’s care.

This experience gave Heather the passion to help other families with their senior living requirements. As is the philosophy at Senior Living Alternatives, when Heather works with clients, she listens carefully to their needs, concerns and preferences so she can be sure they are as well taken care of as her grandmother was.

And since Heather’s nature is to be quiet, warm and loving – her clients know they can talk to her about anything and that she will do everything possible to help them find the kind of housing that fits their special requirements.

Heather’s other passion includes dog rescue. She volunteers time to local animal rescue groups, and she and her husband also foster dogs in their home until permanent homes can be found for them.

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